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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Take a moment and laugh hysterically.

Lately I feel like I've been living in a mad house and I'm not sure if I'm a patient or an orderly. We had a wonderful reprieve for a few days with some very dear friends in Virginia and I wished I could stay a month. It was relaxing and peaceful. Watching the kids play with eachother and, hopefully, build friendships was wonderful. Listening to my son scream "uh oh/" as he threw his toys at people in church was less relaxing but equally entertaining. Then we began our return trip and it went about the way things seem to always go for me lately. The GPS decided to take us to Lancaster, probably a hint that we should go there sometime, after driving 45 min. out of the way we realized that we were not going where we wanted to be. So we turned around. Then the rains came down and the children poured milk all over themselves and my husbands car, we were almost rear ended and that was only a small part of the excitement. Once we got home the kids were put to bed and the bags packed for the cardiologist in the morning. I drove an hour each way and it was well worth it. We found out nothing was wrong! "YEAY!" Then I got lost on the way home, then I was thrown up upon and it rained again and the grass was not mowed. We got home about 3:00. We left the next morning for a Dr. appt for me and discover I have a "suspicious" mole that needed to be removed. I told the Dr. that the mole didn't want to come because it was suspicious something like this would happen. I was given antibiotics for an infection and sent on my way to Franklin. In Franklin we decided to get Pizza but our GPS was not up to date and took us somewhere else. Fine, we were right next door to my husbands favorite place to eat! They were closed. Something about vacation. So we went on to the next place and everyone was fed and we were off to the grocery store by 1:30. Grocereies purchased and home by 5:00. Wed was going to go a lot better.

Wednesday rolled around bright and clear. It was even cool. This would be a great day! I mowed the lawn, the lawnmower quit and had to have a small surgery. Hailey is a very good assistant. Next I trimmed the shrubs until the handle broke off of the clippers. At this  point I probably would have danced around chucking the clippers but Hailey was up from her nap. Keeping my temper in check I got the wagon out and we started loading it with sticks. Randy and I planned an all night painting party so I got some things around and cleaned the house. Then it was time to leave again for the library, the pharmacy, and Go group. We had a fiasco. See Teachable moment. We finally made it home, hurt my back getting the new freezer in the basement ( new to us! only 100. and we were able to get it before the blueberry season ended!!!) got some food and a bath for the kids. I was feeling frustereated because it was 9:45, the kids were not in bed, and we weren't ready to paint. Then it happened. Hailey went to take a sip of milk and the lid came off and she screamed, " I'm wet. " I looked at Daddy and nearly died laughing. He looked like someone had broken his piggy bank, stole his dog and wrecked his car.  I laughed all the way up stairs to get the map and all the way back down. I kept laughing as I mopped the floor and cleaned up the kids. As I think about it this morning I still have to laugh. I don't know what's coming next, I don't know if our series of small disasters is over ( they started before vacation with the freezer dying, the car tire going flat every other day, and the dryer not working) but after a good laugh I think I'm ready for whatever comes up next. A merry heart really is good like medicine. Proverbs 17:22


  1. Love this post not so much the bad luck but the humor behind it and your outlook makes it even more silly :)

  2. Lol... well you should hear what happened the next day!!!!!!!